RIA is an industry leader in employing the best, cutting edge technology, leveraged by a wealth of experience, in order to enhance the service offered to our clients.

Thermal Camera Technology

Our firm has pioneered the application of thermal cameras in assisting in the identification of failing components such as fuses and circuit boards. This allows us to detect issues before a complete failure leads to an elevator breakdown. Our efforts in applying this technology have been featured in an article in Elevator World Magazine.

thermal technology

Example of thermographic image taken at final inspection.  In this case, a misaligned machine is indicated through excessive bearing temperature.

iPhone App

iPhone AppRIA has developed and published an iPhone application, effectively standardizing the elevator inspection process. The application provides an efficient transfer of data, and ensures that all aspects of industry standard elevator inspections are completed and documented, for the peace of mind of our clients.

Online Project Management Tool

The online project management tool we have implemented allows our team to access the status of any project, in real time, from any computer or smart phone. Instantly we can share information between our team of inspectors, project managers and engineers, allowing us to track and manage projects more efficiently.

PMT Ride Quality Accelerometers

We have invested in elevator Physical Measurement Technology accelerometers that are used to identify and diagnose defects in elevator ride quality. We can detect exactly where there is a ride quality defect within the elevator hoistway. This functionality allows us to identify serious issues such as rail misalignment, faulty bearings, and improper rope tension, assisting the elevator contractor to fix the problem.

ride quality curve graph

Elevate Software

waiting times graph   transit times graphElevate is cutting edge elevator traffic analysis software we have invested in, allowing us to model elevator traffic and wait times at the design stage. Through this software we can also model post-upgrade elevator traffic patterns in existing buildings. The beauty of this technology is that it enables our clients to optimize their elevator systems, ensuring they have the correct amount of elevators available.  We are also able to accurately predict the energy savings offered by various elevator systems, so that we can assist clients in applying for energy rebates, through the energy modeling function in Elevate’s software.