Rooney, Irving & Associates offers a wide range of services to assist with any projects or issues involving elevators, escalators, lifts, and dumbwaiters. RiA’s work is reviewed by qualified Professional Engineers registered as Elevating Device Mechanics and Qualified Elevator Inspectors.

Modernization and Construction

All work is reviewed by a Professional Engineer registered as an Elevating Device Mechanic and a Qualified Elevator Inspector.

To successfully accomplish the modernization or construction of elevators, we provide the following consulting services:

Phase I: Design and Tender Documents

RiA’s objective is to deliver a project design that is clear and carries the required detail.

  • Liaise with building owner and associated design team to coordinate the vertical transportation requirements of the project
  • Determine the appropriate configuration of the device including: speed, capacity, method of control, method of operation and special features
  • Account for applicable regulations in system design including: CSA B44 Elevator Safety Code, Elevating Devices Act and Regulations and Building Code
  • Prepare detailed technical specifications and tender documents
  • Provide project budget cost figures
  • Provide construction schedule
  • Calculate technical design data such as: structural loads, heat loads, and electrical loads that would be imposed by the planned elevator system
  • Determine spatial requirements of the elevator system such as: shaft cross section, overhead, pit depth, and machine room dimensions
  • Assemble appropriate list of contractors qualified to bid on the project
Phase II: Project Award
RiA’s objective is to ensure a clear mandate for a successful elevator project given to the contractor offering the best value.

  • Review submitted bids, negotiate or clarify tenders as required
  • Provide written recommendations on the most qualified bidder
Phase III: Site Review and Shop Drawings
RiA’s objective is to ensure the Contractor’s ongoing work meets project design requirements.

  • Carry out periodic progress reviews to ensure the elevator contractor’s work complies with drawings, specifications, applicable codes, and project schedule
  • Review submitted shop drawings
  • Review and approve monthly progress claims submitted by the elevator contractor
  • Attend job progress meetings as required and address quality/schedule issues as they arise
  • Issue post inspection and/or post meeting reports listing deficiencies
Phase IV: Final Site Review and Test
RIA’s objective is to commission the finished elevator system to verify the project is complete and documented before turn-over to the owner.

  • Carry out final site reviews, and tests for compliance to project specifications
  • Carry out re-inspection when all deficiencies are claimed complete
  • Review Operations & Maintenance manuals submitted by the elevator contractor

Elevator Surveys and Quality of Maintenance Reports

RIA provides the following array of consulting services, designed to properly assess the operation and condition of elevators:

Condition Report
Written condition Report;
Elevator machine room review
Review of each elevator machine room, pit, hoistway, car top and cab interior using standard inspection tools including: accelerometer, force gauge, and rope tension gauge;
Estimate remaining elevator system life;
Review of contractors
Review of contractors’ on-site maintenance records for conformance to elevator code and good practice;
Compile list of deficiencies
Compile list of deficiencies for each elevator, to be corrected by the elevator maintenance contractor;
Comment on quality of maintenance
Comment on quality of maintenance being carried out by current maintenance contractor;
Record various performance standards
Record various performance standards such as: car speeds, acceleration readings, flight times, door protection time-outs, and door stall forces. The preceding standards are compared to industry standards as appropriate to building use, in order to assess and improve the elevators’ performance;
B44 Safety Code for Elevators
Provide list of items required to comply with current B44 Safety Code for Elevators.