Alert Number 056 | November 18, 2016

KONE KCM831 ReSolve 20 Controller – Unintended motion with doors open

It has come to the attention of ThyssenKrupp Elevator through information given to us by our industry safety committee and verified by KONE, that there is a safety risk to the public regarding the KONE KCM831 ReSolve 20 Controller. There is a possibility for the car to move with the doors open. The scenario is as follows:

  1. Person enters the elevator.
  2. A car operating panel push button is pressed.
  3. The doors start to close.
  4. The doors are approximately 1 to 2 inches from being completely closed and the car door open button is pressed.
  5. The doors will reopen fully.
  6. Door time expires.
  7. Doors start to close again.
  8. When the doors are approximately 12 to 24 inches from being fully closed, the elevator will move in the up direction with the doors still open.
  9. The car may move approximately 6 to 10 inches.
  10. The elevator now shuts down.

It is imperative to communicate this issue to all of our impacted customers as quickly as reasonably possible. Advise our customers that ThyssenKrupp has no firsthand knowledge of the malfunction, so we cannot offer anything more than what is provided by KONE. Offer to take their impacted units out of service until KONE has provided a solution.

KONE Americas headquarter’ s contact information:

4225 Naperville Road
Lisle, IL 60532
T: +1 630 577 1650

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation, at the corporate level, is contacting KONE to ascertain what the immediate action plan is and will send out an update accordingly.
Larry Leadingham, Director
Director of Health and Safety – Americas

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